Black magic is a dark art that is used by people who want to achieve their evil goals by controlling the powers of nature. In most cases such goals contain an evil intention which harms innocent people. The power of black magic spells is quite impressive and may be too dangerous for a common, non-prepared person to fight against it. It can be used to put a hex on someone, break someone's health, influence fertility, drive someone crazy or even cause a mental disorder. The spell caster is usually an envious, deeply offended person blinded by rage who does not realize that black magic spells can be reversible.

When fighting against black magic, one should always try all available methods because every particular case is unique and different methods can help. One of the ways to get rid of a black magic spell is to avoid it at the first place - wearing a protective Kabbalah charm with Hebrew symbols and verses can be a great preventative measure.

If things are really serious and may endanger someone's health and life, one should ask for professional help. Some people that acquired the necessary knowledge of Kabbalah can practice it for the good of others by taking away black magic spells and the evil eye. Kabbalistic magic is a potent force that neutralizes the effects of the worst black magic spells. A special sacred ritual that clears the person of dark forces can be conducted. This method is the most effective one and works almost in 100% cases. Usually the result of such a ritual is noticeable in less than a few hours, the same day. The patient will feel relieved, anxiety-free and light-hearted. One of the possible aftereffects, however, is that the person who cast the black magic spell at the first place may start experiencing the same symptoms that the victim did. It is strongly recommended not to contact or let the spell caster into your house if you know who that person is until he/she feels better too.

Rabbi Azulai has a long experience of removing hexes and evil curses with the help of Kabbalah. He has helped many people restore their lives after bad black magic spells and has deserved his unblemished reputation by providing timely response in urgent situations and individual approach in each particular case.
There are no three holidays in Jewish tradition that would be so important and so closely related to one another as Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashoah), Israeli Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) and Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut).

Holocaust Memorial Day is a mournful holiday in which Jewish people commemorate their fellow countryman who fell a victim of Nazis’ merciless brutality and terror in the WWII. The holiday is marked on the 27th of the Hebrew month Nisan, which falls on the 12th of April in 2010. It is the day when Israel puts on its mourning band: flags are lowered; prayers are uttered; government officials address to the public and express their sorrow; six torches are raised above Israel for the six million victims of Holocaust; and people hang their heads and stand to the sound of sirens for 2 minutes all over the country to express their grief and respect for the dead. Since there are holocaust victims in other countries, many Israeli people traditionally meet for demonstration and participate in various ceremonies outside of Israel, particularly in Poland and Germany.

A similar holiday, Israeli Memorial Day, commemorates fallen soldiers who fought for nation’s independence in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Even though Israel’s independence was proclaimed in 1948, there were still numerous victims of terror who protected Israeli people from those who dispute this nation’s right for independence. That is why this holiday is followed by the Independence Day, which symbolizes that these noble soldiers’ blood was not shed in vain. Their heroic deeds still help the nation be free and independent after a long range of Arab oppressions. The traditions and ceremonies of this day are very similar to those observed in Israel on the Holocaust Memorial Day. The holiday is on the 4th day of the Hebrew month Iyar, which is the 19th of April in 2010.
Israeli Independence Day, which is held on the next day after Israeli Memorial Day, or rather starts at the sunset of the same day, is a holiday of joy and happiness when people celebrate independence of their country by various performances, dances, marches and fireworks that illuminate almost every Israeli city.
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Kabbalah is the root of so many different traditions and disciplines. However, Kabbalah goes far beyond teachings, ideas, concepts, theoretical conclusions and knowledge. Kabbalah would be nothing without its knowledge of amulets which basically represent practical application of kabbalistic ideas and help people deal with their problems. Amulets can be used in various areas of life. When you order your amulet, it is usually created to help personally you, or you can find a Kabbalah amulet that suits you as there is a special purpose that each and every amulet serves.

Some Kabbalah amulets improve people's lucidity of mind and evoke inspirational feelings. They help you see the unseen reality behind the visible and tangible world. Those are quite powerful and useful for people that practice magic, sorcery, magical spells, or those who are just interested in self-improvement and personal development. Therapeutic and protective amulets stimulate healing energy, increase the wearer's immune system and ability to resist diseases profoundly, and help withstand daily stress. They help your energy body grow and gain strength. It helps you store radiant light of universal powers in you. Sometimes when you are sick, the light can be blocked or mislead which prevents it from reaching the areas in your body that need healing.

A therapeutic amulet will keep the negative blockage away and help you recover sooner. It will also protect you from the evil eye and negative thoughts. Some amulets provide assistance to those who take every possible effort to achieve result and cannot progress due to unknown reasons. These people usually get obsessed about their lack of success and make it even worse. Such an amulet will focus on things that cause your personal failure and clear negativity to turn your dependance into independence, poverty into wealth, fears into fearlessness, and lack of ideas into sharpness and brightness. No matter what kind of amulet you have, you can be sure that they will protect and guide you through your difficulties, helping you deal with problems, instead of avoid them.
Jewish Passover, or Pesach, is celebrated up to these days to keep alive the memory of the great liberation that took place in the Jewish history - the day when ancient Hebrew people cast off the yoke of Egyptians and became free with the help of God and the prophet Moses. The Jewish Passover celebrates the miracle of Jewish people's freedom and independence. It is an eight-day holiday that starts on the 15th of the first month of the Jewish year, Nisan (in March or April). The history of this holiday goes back to the time when Jewish people were held in servitude by Egyptian pharaohs. They were used as slaves to build pyramids, do hard exhausting work and serve Egyptians.

Only after 10 plagues sent by God did the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramses II, let Jewish slaves go free and leave his lands. The 10th plague was sent to slay the Egyptian firstborns. Jewish people were to put fresh blood of a spring lamb on their doorway, so that the holy spirit would not kill their firstborns. That is how God "passed over" Jewish houses and did not harm them. When Jewish people left Egypt, they could cook and eat only Matza, the bread made of unleavened dough. After a lot of travel and attempts to escape Egyptians, Jewish people found their way out of desert sands through the bottom of the Red Sea.

Since then Jewish Passover has become a holiday of freedom for most Jewish people. In order to prepare yourself for the celebration of Jewish Passover, you need to find and burn all the leavened bread in your house the day before the Passover. However, now Jewish people prefer to give their bread away to the needy, sell it to people of other religions or finish it before the holiday instead of burning it. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare the traditional Jewish Passover meal, Seder.

That is why Jewish people buy required ingredients and prepare the menu several days in advance. Since the whole family has to get together for such an important holiday, most family members make travel arrangements and plan their meeting in someone's big house. In this respect the Passover is like a great family reunion that unites Jewish families for as long as the tradition is observed. Read more...
When an evil eye curse affects a person, the victim is constantly under the influence of dark powers that haunt and torture the soul and physical body until the proper protection is found. According to some old beliefs there are substances and objects that can keep evil spirits away. They are silver, garlic, protective crystals, etc.

However, practice shows that there is nothing better than a Kabbalah amulet. If you want to protect yourself from the evil eye, you need to find that perfect Kabbalah amulet that will be in tune with your energy field and disposition. Evil spirits and energies simply cannot stand anyone who wears a protective Kabbalah amulet. The wide variety of amulets available now made it easy to choose something that will really fit your needs and situation, so most amulets are very individual. Moreover, they will not only ward off the evil eye, but also clear your house of evil spirits and bad luck.

In order to protect yourself from the evil eye, you need to talk to your amulet, call upon good spirits and ask for their protection. The amulet works as an intermediary between you and the good spirits. After the protection is granted to the wearer, those spirits will keep dark powers away and from that moment on will be on your side in good or bad times.

Another thing to do if you need to protect yourself from the evil eye curse is trying to avoid one at the first place. The evil eye curse may be invoked when someone wishes you harm so badly that they appeal to the supernatural powers to impose that harm on you. In order to avoid the evil eye simply try not to hurt the others and be in good terms even with your potential enemies.

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Jewish religion, or Judaism, explains how transcendent controlling powers of the invisible world affect our material, tangible existence. In this respect Jewish religion resorts to the help of Kabbalah sound. Kabbalah numerology explains how names can affect our reality and daily routine. Names - or sound vibrations - are a source of powerful energy that people are often unaware of. Decision making is the main factor that can change a person's life.

Names may have a great effect on the human subconsciousness, modify our thinking and behavior, and influence the way we make our decision. By studying these sound variations and the meanings that are associated with them in Kabbalah numerology, you can have a better control of your life. It has been proven that people's names control the yang and yin (male and female) natures, bad and good emotions, light and dark powers in most individuals.

Certain sounds of a name may also attract certain energies, both positive and negative ones. That is why most events and accidents in life are related to the person's name and caused by the energies that represent particular sounds of a name. Therefore, it is also important to choose the right name for a child that would vibrate harmonically with the child's personality and environment. Many curious individuals have started exploring Kabbalah numerology in Jewish religion now.

By knowing the meaning of your name you will be able to activate the powers of the kabbalistic Tree of Life (frequently described by adherents of this Jewish religion as a map that shows connection of all living creatures and animate objects with each other) within yourself and reach your personal predestination. You can focus your attention on the sounds of your name, let them guide you and use them in concordance with the main numerological methodologies that teach you how to apply this knowledge in life. This new life style that Kabbalah numerology revealed is the way of adjusting to your name for a particular purpose or predestination you desire to achieve.
An evil eye has a very strong negative effect. A person with an evil eye brings destructive and negative influences. He or she may be responsible for casualties and misfortunes in other people's lives without even wishing it. However, people cannot constantly stay away from such a person trying to avoid the harm. Kabbalah shows several ways to turn the evil eye away.
Amulets are one type of evil eye protection. Since amulets are not only protective, but also beneficial in many ways, they are most commonly used for this matter. An amulet is mainly for someone who wants both protection and good luck on a daily basis. Most amulets are also pleasant to the eye and worn mostly by women.

Other method of protection is wearing a red string bracelet. Kabbalah adherents have been using a red string bracelet as a protective charm for centuries. This method implies tying a red string or putting a red bracelet on a wrist. Red strings were originally taken from the cloth which was used to cover the tomb of Rachel, Jacob's wife. Like a protective amulet, a red string bracelet is believed to be incredibly powerful against the evil eye. However, wearing a charm is only the first step you can take to protect yourself. It is essential to understand what makes you vulnerable when it comes to the evil eye phenomenon. There are people who do not experience any discomfort in the presence of a person with an evil eye whatsoever. And there are individuals who can wear a protective amulet and still find themselves weak and unprotected in such a situation.

Then it comes to the last but not the least protection tool: Kabbalah numerology. In Kabbalah numerology everything becomes clear regarding your nature of interaction and communication with other people. There are certain things about every one of us that can alienate the others, making people more aggressive or even envious. If someone is predisposed to envy and negative thinking, he or she may pose a threat to the vulnerable individuals. Kabbalah numerology studies the vibrations of your name and explains how it influences your life and ability to attract or repel negativity. It also shows the ways to solve the problem and turn the evil eye away.
Kabbalah sources are full of versatile knowledge. Kabbalah covers various aspects of life and daily reality. It can give answers to numerous questions that many individuals have been pondering over for centuries. Let us define some of the aspects that Kabbalah consists of. Kabbalah numerology is an essential part of this doctrine. It provides a way to interpret the influences that the sounds of a name may have on the person's destiny.

People can learn a lot about themselves by exploring these effects. Using Kabbalah numerology they can discover their predestined way, natural inclinations, hidden abilities, and really strong gifts. Moreover, they can learn how certain individuals can react to or interact with other people. Kabbalah numerology also casts light on such important areas of our life as education,

occupation and marriage. That is why it helps make the right choice for the future career, hobbies or even the life partner.
Another important part of Kabbalah is the various types of protective jewelry. Kabbalah is one of the few doctrines that support the concept of a protective amulet. Just like a talisman it is commonly used to provide the evil eye protection for people under negative influences.

The evil eye protection is a complex process which requires acquiring positive attitude and confidence in one's own powers. It also requires regular usage of a protective amulet. However, as opposed to an amulet, a talisman may not only protect, but also endow distinctive qualities to its wearer, such as: intuition, acumen, better perception, better mental activity and physical performance. That is the main reason why most people prefer wearing a talisman to using any other methods of protection.

However, Kabbalah followers are also familiar with such a method of the evil eye protection as a red string bracelet. A red string
bracelet is not just a pretty charm that protects from the evil eye though. It also changes people in a positive way by filling their life with a lot of positive influences. One should always wear a red string bracelet for better healing, professional success and constant protection.
Any piece of Kabala jewelry should be worn deliberately, with intention and the sense of purpose, whether it is a talisman, an amulet or a Kabala red string. One should feel the connection with this object that has magical powers capable of making one's life better. It is essential to understand the meaning of a red string bracelet as a protective charm before you put one on your wrist. It is not a mere trinket, or a useless thread. Even though it is usually a nice-looking, stylish piece of jewelry, it also possesses protective, therapeutic and beneficial qualities.

Thanks to these qualities the bracelet forms a unique spiritual bond with the wearer that can favor his or her future and assure prosperity. In this respect wearing a red string bracelet is important for those who want to achieve success in work, promote their education, or improve their marriage and personal connections.

There is a new powerful way to use a red string bracelet when it comes to family. When used by several family members, a red string bracelet gives a strong spiritual blessing to the whole family and its descendants. The blessing usually lasts for a long time and works for several generations even after the string bracelets are not worn any more. It enhances people's ability to connect and find support and consolation in each other during hard times. It can also break family or generational curses, cure severe diseases, and save a family from poverty.

Another use of a red string bracelet is related to protection against the evil eye of envy and jealousy. A red string bracelet has incredible magical or protective powers. It takes all the negativity away before the physical and spiritual bodies of the person can absorb it. People always need to feel that they are not alone. By wearing these nice Kabala bracelets they can feel the presence of supernatural powers that protect and guard them. However, a Kabala red string can also bring new people and soul mates in your life so wherever you feel lonely, a red string will attract someone to keep you company.
What is the connection between talismans and mystical words? Both talismans and mystical words are commonly applied for protection from the evil eye, black magic, and dark powers. They can be used separately or may form an invincible unity working in a magical collaboration with each other. While a talisman can protect you and your family on its own, some supernatural, magical words may enhance its powers and effects to a greater extent, in addition to various magical symbols and engravings often used by cabbalists. By combining talismans and mystical words and using them together, many cabbalists manage to achieve impressive favorable results and change their lives for the better.
Words of magic are activated to transfer their positive powers to a talisman or an amulet through mystical rituals, affirmative visualization and magical utterances. These words can come in the form of spells, charms, incantations and paternosters. After being put to practical use and transferred by talismans to the people who wear them, such magical spells start affecting people's lives. They assure strong protection of your home, personal belongings, health, family, and relationship. However, talismans and mystical words should be used in a harmonic accord with their master, or wearer.

The power of magic allows a talisman to considerably improve the way healthy and unhealthy people feel both physically and mentally. They combine a diversity of different positive influences and can control your mood swings, behavior, and physical productivity. Talismans and mystical words can make the wearer's life fulfilled by providing self-esteem, composure, and serenity. Those who wear such amulets improved by words of magic sleep better, have a good appetite, and can do a much better job with their bodies and minds than the others. At times the results are striking and noticeable to many people around you. Talismans and mystical words form a vigorous alliance together, and are capable of lighting up the life of any individual.