Rabbi Eliahu Azulai has been practicing the Kabbalah for over 30 years. During that time, the Rabbi was able to achieve a full recognition and sense of the upper world, which according to many Kabbalah thinkers is a unique gift that only few people possess.
In order to aid those who have not yet achieved such recognition, Rabbi Azulai writes special talisman to help people connect with the world of truth.
In addition, Rabbi Azulai writes special talismans for different people and different problems. Some of the rabbi's work includes talismans for finding true love (soul mate), against evil eye, infertility and pregnancy problems, for business success, and more.

Some of the Rabbi's most popular work includes talismans for:

1) General health.
2) Cure specific illness.
3) Success.
4) Protect soldiers serving in combat.
5) Success in business.
6) Against evil eye or black magic.
7) Winning a trial.
8) Luck.           
9) Finding your soul mate (Male/Female).
10) Getting married.
11) Fertility.
12) Prosperity.
13) Bless your home.
14) Bless your family.
15) Success in your career.
16) Rekindle you love
17) Finding love.

The following samples are real talismans that Rabbi Azulai has written over the course of 30 years. Please Click Here to purchase a talisman or consult with Rabbi Azulai 

Rabbi Azulai also writes talismans according to individuals' specific requests. Each talisman is designated to address a unique problem and therefore could not be passed to other people.

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